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Insurance is a valuable commodity. Having insurance is a safeguard to financial loss in the event of an accident. Nevertheless, when an accident happens, the insurance company is not fully on your side. This post reveals 5 insurance secrets that adjusters and insurance companies don’t want you to know.

  1. Insurance companies benefit by not giving you full compensation.

Remember that insurance companies are a business. If they keep paying car accident victims, they will not make a profit. Insurance companies have to reduce the compensation they offer in order to stay a competitor in their industry. A claims adjuster’s job is to try and award you the bare minimum compensation.

  1. You do not have to give a recorded statement.

Insurance companies don’t read you your Miranda rights, but perhaps they should. You aren’t guilty of a crime, but your words will definitely be used against you. Perhaps you say in your statement that you don’t think you were injured. A few days later, you realize you have whiplash or another painful side effect. The insurance company will use your recorded statement to indicate that you weren’t injured by the accident and that your pain must have come from something else. As a result, you won’t receive the money you need. If you decide to give a recorded statement, make sure you discuss what to say with your attorney first.

  1. A claims adjuster is trained to negotiate–not just offer assistance.

When you speak to a claims adjuster, she is not just listening to you and offering her unbiased guidance. Insurance agents are trained to negotiate with you. This means that adjusters try to calm you down and make you think you aren’t entitled to a lot of compensation. Don’t try to argue with someone who is trained to handle your emotions and difficult situation. Attorneys like those at the Drake Law Firm are also skilled negotiators and can present your situation in the best way to earn you the most money.

  1. Your mistakes do not mean you are barred from compensation.

Fault is a big issue in car accidents. It’s true that the more at fault you are, the less money you’ll receive. If you were only partially responsible for your accident or injuries, however, do not be fooled into thinking that you can’t receive compensation. Take seatbelt laws for example. It’s true that not wearing a seatbelt could mean that you won’t receive the full compensation to pay the medical bills.  Regardless, you’re still entitled to financial compensation and should not settle for less than you deserve.

  1. You need an attorney to guarantee you receive the full compensation.

Claims adjusters will give you a total amount of what you should receive and why. Their amount, however, could cut corners or miss important aspects of compensation. Experienced attorneys know the tricks and games that insurance companies use. Only lawyers know if you are being cheated out of extra money. Your attorney has a duty by law to make you his priority and ensure that you receive fair treatment. Trust this legal duty and allow your attorney to do his job for you.

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Benjamin Drake is a California personal injury attorney and founder of Drake Law Firm. A law firm dedicated to all injured with dedicated attention and deserved compensation.