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New York City has a lot of claims to fame. From Broadway to Ground Zero, there are countless ways for locals and tourists to enjoy their time in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, all these attractions – not to mention the city’s dense population of 8.4 million – create hectic traffic situations.

Driving in bumper-to-bumper rush hour is an art, and with a few helpful tips, you can reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Unfortunately, not all collisions are avoidable – especially if other drivers behave negligently. If you were injured due to another driver’s reckless behavior, then contact a New York City car accident injury attorney from Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC. We have been representing the injured since 1980, and we have recovered more than $1 billion in settlements and judgments. Call us today at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, read on to learn five tips for driving in New York City traffic:

  1. Slow Down

When approaching a heavily congested area, reduce your speed and stay in your lane. Many accidents happen because drivers increase their speed to change to a less congested lane. Instead, you should slow down and accept the obvious: You have to be patient in New York City traffic.

  1. Watch Your Following Distance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains the importance of keeping a constant and safe following distance. If traffic slows unexpectedly, then you need enough time to act evasively and avoid rear-ending the leading vehicle. You should also keep an eye on how much following distance is behind you to make informed decisions.

  1. Remain Calm

Road rage occurs all too often in heavy traffic. Congestion frustrates people, causing them to lose their tempers and become irrational. This endangers all motorists in proximity to the situation. Frustrated drivers make poor decisions, often riling themselves up instead of focusing on possible dangers. Calm down, breathe deeply and stay focused on the road.

  1. Drive Gently

It is important to brake gently and use a gentle driving approach. If you brake too hard, you could skid into the car ahead of you or cause the vehicle behind to rear-end you. If you force your way through traffic, your abrupt appearance may make it impossible for others to avoid colliding with you.

  1. Signal Your Intentions

Communication is crucial in heavy traffic. There are many ways to signal your intentions so that other drivers know exactly what you are doing at all times. If your actions are predictable, then it is unlikely that you will cause an accident. Signal every intention to change lanes and turn, while checking your blind spots at every opportunity for traffic dodgers, such as motorbikes or speeding cars. If you were injured in a car or motorcycle accident in New York, then contact Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC to discuss your options. A New York City injury attorney can evaluate your crash and determine if you may have valid grounds for a lawsuit. Call us today at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] to schedule a consultation.