Working on a construction site can be dangerous. Safety regulations are often the only way that workers can feel confident going to work and being surrounded by danger. When those regulations are not respected, workers can be seriously injured or even killed.

We have achieved extraordinary results for clients injured in construction accidents in New York. See our record-setting verdict of $44 million for a severely injured carpenter.

Pursuing Justice For Workers Injured By Dangerous Equipment

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, we have been working on behalf of the injured for decades. Through our countless cases and appeals, we have shaped construction accident law in New York and New Jersey, as well as the federal level. We represent clients injured by faulty equipment, including things like:

  • Scaffolding, ladders and cranes. Especially in a city like New York, scaffolding, ladders, cranes and other elevation tools are very common on construction sites. They must be maintained, or else a worker could be severely injured by a fall or other equipment accident.
  • Tools such as nail guns, power drills and saws. Though many of the tools used today have built-in safety features, any error can result in grave injury, such as burns, broken bones and even loss of fingers or limbs.

Whether you were injured due to improperly maintained equipment or defective equipment, you deserve compensation. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases like yours that involve defective and unsafe construction equipment.

See our many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for an idea of how we fight to get our clients the compensation they need and deserve.

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