It is rare to see a construction project in New York and not see a maze of scaffolding around the work site. Whether it is a new building or workers are simply painting a wall, you will likely see individuals climbing up and down and working on these mobile, elevated platforms. However, if special care and attention is not given to their care and assembly, even a small scaffold can collapse, leading to serious injuries.

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The firm of Jaroslawicz & Jaros obtained a $44 Million-dollar verdict for a carpenter who was injured when he fell about 25 feet off of a wall that was being built at a construction site. This case was the largest verdict in New York and was published and appeared in the "Top New York Verdicts."

A Multitude Of Factors

A scaffold — steel, rolling or wooden — is designed to stand up to varied construction work. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors that can lead to a collapse, including:

  • Improper or negligent assembly
  • Faulty materials
  • Failure to perform a daily inspection
  • Exceeding the weight limit
  • Failure to secure a ladder
  • Failure to use proper safety equipment

While a construction worker standing on or climbing a scaffold is in danger of suffering catastrophic injuries if the equipment collapses, the danger can reach beyond those individuals. Workers beneath or beside a collapsing scaffold run the risk of serious injury such as brain damage, spinal cord injury or paralysis. Additionally, depending on the position of the scaffolding, the equipment might fall onto the sidewalk or neighboring streets.

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