More and more people are using ride sharing transportation services such as Uber, Lyft and Juno in large cities such as New York. Ride sharing transportation services have different rules than regular taxis do.

What Insurance Limits Do Uber Cars And Drivers Have?

The law in New York City requires all taxis to have $100,000 in insurance coverage in the event a person is injured by a taxi, whether as a pedestrian, driver of another car, or as a passenger riding in the taxi. This $100,000 is the most a person injured by a regular taxi can ever recover regardless of the extent or severity of the injuries. (Although $100,000 is often not enough insurance to adequately compensate the seriously injured person the taxi industry unfortunately has a powerful lobby in Albany that keeps the mandatory insurance requirements as low as possible and injured people do not have any lobby at all.)

The good news is that in New York ride sharing transportation services such as Uber are required to have a $1 Million liability insurance policy. The bad news is that this policy only applies if the Uber driver is actually driving a passenger for Uber and is not using the car for a personal errand or for some other purpose. In that event then it is the driver’s personal liability insurance policy that applies and most times this policy is for the absolute minimum required by New York law, only $25,000.

Experience Matters – New York’s Uber & Lyft Accident Law Firm

At our injury law firm, Jaroslawicz & Jaros, in the past few years we have represented many persons injured in car accidents involving ride sharing transportation services such as Uber, Lyft and Juno. We have determined that most insurance companies will almost always try to avoid paying and will deny that they have any coverage or deny that the coverage applies to your accident. The insurance company for the ride sharing transportation services will insist that you look to the driver’s personal liability insurance policy for your insurance coverage.

To make it even more complicated then what often happens is that the driver’s personal liability insurance company refuses to pay and says there is no coverage because the driver is prohibited by their policy from driving for work purposes or using the vehicle as a ride share vehicle for hire.

So that although all lawsuits involving motor vehicles have what are called issues of liability, who is at fault, as well as issues concerning the severity and extent of the injury, when ride sharing transportation services such as Uber, Lyft and Juno are involved in an accident insurance coverage often becomes a major issue.

Based on the complexities of insurance coverage, as seen by the above discussion, if you have been injured as a result of an accident involving a ride sharing transportation service vehicle, whether as a passenger in that vehicle or another vehicle, as another driver, or as pedestrian, it is important to hire a personal injury law firm with experience in this type of litigation.


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