Being sexually harassed, whether at school or at work, can drain your self-confidence. It is easy to feel like nothing will ever change, and you may feel that reporting your harasser will only hurt your reputation. However, that is not true — and especially so in New York City, which has some of the strongest anti-harassment laws in the world.

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, we have decades of experience working to win compensation for the wronged. We have won over $1 Billion for our clients collectively, and we will use our knowledge, skills and resources to help you hold your harasser accountable. Our attorneys are committed to helping employees and others get the compensation they need and deserve after being harassed.

Our lawyers handle all types of sexual harassment cases, including those involving high-profile individuals. We sued football player Brett Favre when two women had the courage to speak out against him.

Justice Is On Your Side

You are afforded protections under NYC sexual harassment laws. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, prohibited on the city, state and federal levels. The New York Division of Human Rights has also specifically stated, "Every employee in the State of New York is entitled to a working environment free from sexual harassment."

However, if you have experienced uncomfortable behavior in the workplace or elsewhere, you may wonder: what does sexual harassment look like?

Under New York sexual harassment law, there are two general types of sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • Quid pro quo. If your employer either overtly offers you a reward, or seems to offer a reward, for engaging in sexual behavior, it is called "quid pro quo" harassment.
  • Hostile work environment. If your employer creates a hostile work environment by allowing harassment, it means that you are unable to do your job due to the employer's actions.

Depending on your situation, you may recover compensation for wages, benefits or employment opportunities lost because of the harassment. The court may also award additional damages to send a message that sexual harassment is not to be tolerated in the workplace.

Our firm has been recognized as a powerful advocate for victims of sexual harassment in internet company workplaces along Silicon Alley in New York.

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