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A chain-reaction crash occurred on the Brooklyn Bridge just before 7:15 a.m. on Nov. 21. One motorist was killed and six others were seriously injured after a fire started burning at the scene.

Witnesses to the incident reported seeing the driver of a Ford pickup traveling toward Brooklyn in the moments before the crash occurred. They reported seeing him rear-end a Nissan in front of him which then caused it to collide with the bridge’s median.

The truck apparently didn’t stop after colliding into the Nissan. Its driver continued forward where they reportedly ran into a Volkswagen and pushed it into a concrete barrier. Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom and then watched the two cars burst into flames after that. Soon thereafter, the Volkswagen was sent careening into another nearby vehicle. Two other cars were then struck.

Although the fire was fully extinguished by 8 a.m., it didn’t happen soon enough to save the 32-year-old Volkswagen driver’s life. He was pronounced dead soon after emergency crews made it to the scene. All six of the other motorists, including the Ford pickup’s driver, were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

Crash scene investigators worked tirelessly trying to piece together what occurred as clean-up crews worked to clear the debris. The bridge wasn’t reopened to the public until around 1 p.m. later that day. It’s unclear if police plan to arrest the pickup’s driver for his role in causing the fatal crash.

Motorists involved in chain-reaction crashes often end up with multiple injuries or die as their cars often sustain two points of impact. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash such as this, then a New York motor vehicle accidents attorney can advise you of your right to demand compensation for your loss.