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New York is a popular city for people who don’t have full-time employment. It might be an expensive place to live, but there’s always a job to do somewhere. There are dozens of buildings and streets that need to be built, renovated or demolished within the next year or so.

All of these projects that are in the works are why so many involved in the gig economy try to get a job here. Even when they finish one project, they don’t need to travel too far to find something else they can lend their services to. However, these brief positions are becoming increasingly dangerous as more employers are relying on these gig workers despite how many red flags come up during the hiring process. As a construction worker, you should be aware of the various problems that could come with some of these temporary employees.

Lack of experience

Recently, CBS News highlighted the dangers of the gig economy. One of their primary points was that many gig workers lack sufficient experience for the jobs they get. Employers can hire them and fire them on short notice and think that their prior contracts in the last few years is good enough for the current project.

Since not all construction projects are the same, gig workers have a much higher accident rate than regular construction workers. They may also feel pressured and afraid that their employers will fire them if they ask too many questions. If you know someone on the site who is a gig worker, try volunteering to help show them the ropes on the site and answer any questions they have. The faster they have this knowledge, the safer you and the other workers will be.

Unhealthy conditions

While some gig workers don’t have enough experience, some may have too much. CBS News also highlighted how many of the contract construction workers are too old, fragile and overweight while some would fail a drug test.

Since many gig workers also don’t get access to as much health benefits, they may attempt to hide their injuries to continue on the project unless their condition becomes too severe. The mental and physical pressure they face in these circumstances can make them a massive threat to themselves and others around them.

It can be difficult to keep an eye on every New York gig construction worker that could be potentially hazardous to the site while still doing your job. If you receive an injury on site despite all your precautions, contact an attorney that has experience helping victims recover from construction accidents.