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On Oct. 9, 2018, New York State implemented a policy that requires every business or organization to provide its employees with mandatory anti-sexual harassment training. Every employee must receive the interactive training on an annual basis.

New York City also has its own requirements for anti-sexual harassment training, but the state requirements go further than the city requirements. NYC requires the training from employers with 15 or more employees, while New York State requires the training from all employers.

The New York Department of Labor has model training that employers may choose to use. The New York City training is designed to be compliant with the state requirements. Training videos are available from state and local resources. Employers may also conduct the training by asking their employees questions and providing answers.

Employers may choose to create and use their own training. However, all training programs must meet the specifications outlined by New York State’s model sexual harassment policy. Every employer is required to have a sexual harassment prevention policy posted in an open and accessible area at the workplace.

The policy should indicate that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace, and anyone who engages in sexual harassment may be sanctioned. The policy should also cite examples of the different types of behavior that can constitute sexual harassment. The policy should also provide any federal, state or local law information regarding sexual harassment.

Employers must also provide employees with a complaint form, as well as address any remedies sexual harassment victims may pursue, such as forums for posting complaints. The employer’s policy must also indicate that retaliation against victims who report sexual harassment will not be tolerated.