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A car accident can change your life in an instant. You might be facing physical injuries, loss of wages, medical bills, emotional stress and more questions than you can answer. No matter what situation you are in, your priority is to make a swift and full recovery. When it comes to car accident lawsuits, the sooner you act, the better your chances are of a positive outcome

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, our New York City attorneys always inform our clients how to move forward through the legal process in order to obtain the compensation they deserve.

The questions that arise after a car accident can be overwhelming. You may not know what the next step is, or where to turn, or how to make a claim for your damages and injuries. With more than 300 years of collective legal experience the car accident lawyers at Jaroslawicz & Jaros have extensive knowledge of car accidents and the legal procedures involved.

When you are involved in a car accident, it is important to:

  • Take Pictures of the Car Crash Scene.
  • Get Contact Information from Witnesses.
  • Keep Records of Injuries and Treatment.
  • Collect Medical Bills.
  • Do Not Discuss the Accident with Anyone Except Your Attorney.
  • Report All Collisions to your Insurance Company Regardless of Fault.

In addition to the above, there may be other evidence you have that is important for your case.

Such evidence may include:

  • Police Accident Reports - This report is created by law enforcement on the scene and will identify the parties involved, the time of the accident, weather conditions and other important information.
  • Traffic Control Device Photos - For example, if you were hit by a car because it ran a red light or stop sign.
  • Witness Statements and Contact information - If there are individuals who saw your accident and provided a statement to law enforcement or to you on the scene, they could be helpful to proving your case.
  • Insurance Information - Your insurance policy should have identification and contact information for your carrier. Also, any other insurance that may cover you in the accident, such as a rental car agreement or homeowner’s or umbrella insurance should also be considered.

What happens at my first meeting with my accident attorney?

At the first meeting you will speak with an attorney who can answer questions regarding your accident, injuries and treatment. During this time your case will be evaluated and at the conclusion of the meeting you should leave with an understanding of what to expect next, how long it may take for your case to settle or go to trial if necessary, and what compensation is available to you.

How will I pay for my lawyer?

All personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation and meet with potential clients to discuss their case and answer questions. If you hire a lawyer in a personal injury accident case the lawyer will accept your case on what is known as a “contingency fee basis”. A “contingency fee” is based on a percentage of the money that you receive as compensation for your accident. The fee is generally 1/3rd of any recovery, whether it is by a settlement or trial verdict. This means that if you win your case, your lawyer will be paid a percentage of your award. More importantly it means that if for any reason you lose your case, you do not owe anything to your attorney.

A personal injury car accident lawyer will be responsible to pay out all of the expenses to bring your case to a successful conclusion and will only get back the expenses and earn a legal fee if they are successful. That is why accident injury lawyers will only accept cases that they think will be successful.

How to protect yourself after a New York City car accident?

It is important to retain and speak to an attorney as soon as possible after an accident so that you do not or say or do anything that could jeopardize your compensation.

You must report the accident to your insurance company. However, it is important not to enter into any conversations with any other car insurance company representatives following an accident. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company representative to call you and try to entice you with a quick settlement - but they are not acting in your best interests. You must understand that you will be talking to a “loss adjustment" department when they call - these are the people whose job it is to try to minimize the amount of compensation paid out in the event of a car crash.

Your call with an insurance company will be recorded - and one slight mistake or incorrect recollection about what has happened could lead to your case being jeopardized or even thrown out completely. Don’t let an insurance company decide the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit.

I have seen insurance company representatives visit injured people in their home, or even while still in the hospital, after a car accident and before they have a lawyer, to try to have them settle their claim and sign a release for just a few dollars. Unfortunately, the Courts will uphold this type of settlement. How can you think of settling your case before you even know the extent of your injuries and whether they are permanent or not?

What compensation are New York car accident victims entitled to?

Like other situations of personal injury, injured victims in a car accident are eligible for fair compensation of their injuries. If another party’s negligent action or reckless behavior, caused or contributed to your injuries, you deserve to recover the maximum compensation available.

Compensation will include your past and future pain and suffering, lost wages and medical costs.

Liability and driver negligence:

Liability is a critical element of all personal injury matters including car accidents. Proving that another party is liable for your injuries is the first step in obtaining compensation for the injuries you suffered in any auto accident. The term “liability" basically means that another party was negligent, which is the legal term used to describe careless behavior.

When an accident occurs in New York City, state law applies regarding who is liable for your injuries. There are two basic types of compensation when it comes to car accidents:

‘Negligence’ and ‘no-fault’.

All persons involved in a car accident are entitled to receive their No-Fault benefits regardless of “liability” or, who was at fault. That is why it is called “No-Fault”.

To obtain compensation for your injuries some negligence of the other driver must be proven.

What happens if I was partially to blame?

If you were partially at fault for causing an accident, the damages you recover from the other party may be reduced by your percentage of fault. This is because New York law operates on a “comparative negligence" basis. So, if you are deemed to be 25% to blame for your accident, your compensation will be reduced by 25%.

A lot of people believe that being partially to blame will mean that they are not entitled to pursue any compensation. This is not the case. We’ll always fight hard to make sure you get the maximum possible payout.

Since 1980, the attorneys at Jaroslawicz & Jaros have been assisting personal injury victims in protecting their rights and obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Some Of Our Past Motor Vehicle Accident Verdicts and Settlements

  • $8.3 Million settlement for a young woman who was a passenger and suffered a serious head injury in a two-car intersection collision.
  • $6 Million verdict for a young man who suffered a leg injury when the driver of the car he was a passenger in lost control and hit a tree.
  • $4.75 Million settlement for a woman who was struck by a car while crossing the street and suffered a head injury.
  • $2.9 Million settlement for a young woman who suffered injuries when her car turned over in a car accident.
  • $2.85 Million verdict for a woman who injured her neck and back in a car accident.
  • $2.7 Million settlement for a young man who sustained a head injury in a car accident.
  • $2.05 Million verdict in motor vehicle accident for a fractured leg and multiple surgeries.
  • $2 Million settlement for a woman who injured her neck and back in a car accident.
  • $1.5 Million settlement for a man who was hit by a bus while crossing the street and suffered an ankle injury.
  • $1.2 Million settlement for a young woman who suffered head injuries while standing waiting to cross the street and was struck by a truck.
  • $1.2 Million settlement for the estate of a motorcycle driver who was fatally injured in an intersection collision with a private ambulance that was responding to a call.
  • $1.2 Million settlement for a young man who suffered a leg injury in an accident while riding his motorcycle.

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