How to Take Useful Photos After a Personal Injury Accident

Taking photos at the scene of an accident is one of the best steps you can take to bolster the strength of your personal injury case. If you’re not too hurt to document the damage, you should make every effort to do so.

You should do this after any accident, including car, construction, and slip-and-fall accidents.

Here are a few tips for helping you make this photo evidence as useful as possible.

Turn On Date Stamping

Many phones automatically date-stamp their photos, but some don’t. You want your photos date and time-stamped to strengthen their validity as evidence. Don’t give the defense any room to challenge them.

Double-check your settings, then begin.

Start With the Big Picture

Start by taking photos of the entire accident scene, including any damaged vehicles, property, and surrounding areas.

Avoid capturing other injured parties, as this violates their privacy.

These big-picture photos will help you establish the context of the accident and provide a visual reference for what happened.

Move on to Details

Now you want to zoom in on specifics. Zoom in on details such as:

  • Close-ups of vehicle damage (car accidents)
  • Debris on the ground
  • Skid marks on the road
  • The interior of the car (car accidents)
  • The condition of construction equipment (construction accidents)
  • The shoes you’re wearing (slip and fall accidents)
  • Vehicle license plates (car accidents)
  • The other party’s insurance information (car accidents)

Try to capture the scene from multiple angles and heights to capture the most complete picture you can find.

Document Your Own Injuries

Taking photos of your own injuries is fair game. There’s no harm in showing just how bad the initial damage is. Your medical records will work with this evidence to show a complete picture of the harm that you suffered.

What if you can’t take pictures?

If you’re awake and alert enough to do so, call in a family member or friend to take the photos while you wait for medical attention.

While there are methods we can use to gather evidence after the fact, photos are too valuable to pass on if you can find any method for obtaining them.

If you can’t reach a family member or a friend, you might ask a bystander or witness to take the photos for you and send them to your phone.

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There are few events more stressful than a major, catastrophic accident. Involve a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible to bring your case to its best possible conclusion.

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