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Updated on Thursday, Sep 7, 2023

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There are many causes of slip-and-fall accidents as a result of dangerous property conditions, at both residential and commercial properties.

Some of the most common causes included:

  • Icy or otherwise slippery sidewalks that were not properly cleaned or salted
  • Broken, uneven or cracked sidewalk pavement
  • Spilled liquids on stairs, hallways or supermarket aisles
  • Deteriorated or broken ramps, steps or handrails

Plus, there are many more other causes that could result in a slip or trip and fall injury.

When a dangerous or defective condition exists on a public or private walkway, it is only a matter of time that someone would fall and be injured-it is an “accident waiting to happen". Every day, millions of pedestrians safely walk over cracked or broken sidewalks, BUT eventually someone will injured when they slip or trip and fall.


Building and store owners are required to maintain safe walking conditions on the sidewalks, walkways, ramps, elevators, steps and escalators. New York State Law requires that property owners maintain their property in a safe condition for the protection of pedestrians and anyone using the property. Sidewalks in front of buildings, walkways, ramps and stairs, must all be regularly inspected and maintained by the property owner.

When it snows in New York, by law the property and business owners are obligated to clear any snow or ice within four (4) hours of the snow stopping to avoid any slippery conditions. If the sidewalk has a depression where water and ice may gather the owner must repair the depression and also treat any ice that formed with salt or sand.

If a sidewalk has tripping hazards such as a raised slab, a change in elevation, or holes, cracks, tree root damage or any other condition that may be a tripping hazard the property owner is obligated to repair that condition. If there were patches made to the concrete that have eroded and worn away over time so that they constitute a tripping hazard they must be replaced and repaired.

When it rains floors inside buildings may become dangerous and very slippery. Floor mats must be promptly placed at entrances and exits when it rains and must also be the correct size for the specific location.

Stairways or steps are also dangerous locations where slips trips and falls happen all too often. The front edge of the steps, called the nosing, must not have any cracks or holes that can cause a foot to turn or twist. The heights and widths of the stairs, risers and treads must all be uniform. Steps must not be loose or shake. Handrails must be present, either on one or both sides depending on the width of the staircase, and must be properly secured.

If floors of a hallway or lobby are being mopped or waxed then warning signs must be properly and conspicuously placed.

The above instances are just some of the ways that people have suffered personal injuries from what is called a “slip and fall". The attorneys at the firm of Jaroslawicz & Jaros have been successfully representing persons and their families who have suffered injuries as a result of slip-and-fall accidents for over 45 years.

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