Model Sues Ex For False Arrest

Model Sues Ex For False Arrest
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Abraham Jaros
Updated on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023

Model ex-wife of soccer champ sues former flame over fraud claims

By Julia Marsh | November 26, 2014

The gorgeous ex-wife of German soccer great Lothar Matthäus is suing her banker ex-boyfriend for making her an international spectacle by falsely claiming that she went on a shopping spree with his credit card.

Ukrainian stunner Christina Matthäus was arrested for grand-larceny last spring after former boyfriend Michael Hadjedj told cops she racked up $5,000 on his American Express.

But Hadjedj made the false statements following a domestic dispute between the couple in April, according to Manhattan Supreme Court papers.

“She had a spat with a boyfriend," her lawyer David Jaroslawicz told The Post.

“He thought he would get even with her by having her arrested for allegedly using his credit card without his permission.

The charges were dropped — but the 26-year-old says the damage was done.

Her beautiful face was splashed across newspapers from New York to Germany.

The bad press ruined her career and subjected her to devastating humiliation, the defamation suit says.

Jaroslawicz consulted an expert and former Ford Model exec who told him, ‘Once your name is sullied by an arrest it’s harder to get an ad campaign.’

Some modeling contracts also have morality clauses that allow agencies to dump catwalkers who’ve faced criminal charges.

“She’s a well known model particularly in Europe," Jaroslawicz said, “This thing has really hurt her."

The lithe blonde was also tossed in a city jail for a day, forced to shell out legal fees and remain in the country until the case was dismissed this past summer, Jaroslawicz said.

She’s seeking unspecified damages.

Hadjedj did not return a call seeking comment.

Ex-wife of German soccer superstar says former boyfriend lied to get her arrested as revenge for breaking up: suit

By Dareh Gregorian | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Nov 26, 2014

The gorgeous ex-wife of a German soccer star is looking to score big against the boyfriend she says had her falsely locked up.

Christina Matthaus — aka Liliana Nova — says her banking big ex-boyfriend Michael Hadjedj lied when he told cops that she'd charged up his credit card without his permission, and he should have to pay through the nose for having her thrown in jail.

"That was not a nice thing to do," Matthaus' lawyer, David Jaroslowicz, told the Daily News Wednesday.

As The News first reported earlier this year, Matthaus — the ex-wife of German superstar Lothar Matthaus — was arrested in April for allegedly running up over $5,000 on Hadjej's credit card.

The case was later dismissed because, Jaroslowicz said, his 26-year-old client was able to show that she'd had permission to use his card.

He said Hadjedj had been furious with the lanky lovely for breaking up with him, and concocted the credit card claim to "defame" and "embarrass her."

"He wanted to get even with her. He succeeded," Jaroslowicz said.

He said his client spent about 20 hours behind bars as a result of the phony claim, and that the sensational allegations were bad for her modeling career.

"When you're arrested and it hits the media, that's what people remember," he said. She's firing back in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit which seeks unspecified money and punitive damages for Hadjedj's "willful and malicious" scheme.

Hadjedj could not be reached for comment.

Matthaus' relationship with her ex-hubby didn't end on great terms either - she reportedly had to sue him 2010 to force him to pay for a 3,000 euro breast reduction surgery.

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