Seven Confirmed Dead, Dozens Injured in NYC Building Explosion, Collapse

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Abraham Jaros
Updated on Saturday, Sep 9, 2023

Around 9:30 am Wednesday morning - March 12, 2014 - a deadly explosion leveled two buildings and rocked an entire neighborhood in East Harlem. As of Thursday afternoon, at least seven victims have been confirmed dead and dozens have been injured. Additionally, several victims are still missing. Emergency response efforts are ongoing as officials continue to search for missing victims, although efforts have been complicated by a large sinkhole that has formed in front of one of the buildings.

Determining the Cause

While officials have commented that the explosion may have been triggered by a gas leak, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has stated that investigations into the official cause are still ongoing. Shortly before the explosion took place, Con Edison received a call reporting a gas leak. The caller had also reported smelling gas the night before. Although a truck was dispatched after the call Wednesday morning, it arrived after the explosion. Officials from Con Edison have released information regarding previous gas leaks and utility checks in the neighborhood. Two repairs had been made in 2011 and 2013, but no serious historical condition was found. Con Edison also checked for leaks in the area on February 11 and 28, and reported no problems at the time. Other records have revealed that one of the buildings had a history of safety violations, including a lack of smoke detectors, blocked fire escapes, and faulty light fixtures. Still, the reported gas leak is currently the only indication of danger, and one that authorities will continue to investigate.

The Rights of Victims

Victims injured in accident involving explosions or a building collapse- as well as families who have lost loved ones - may have the right to recover their damages by holding at-fault parties accountable for their negligence. In order to do so, victims must be able to prove that another’s negligence or failures more likely than not caused a preventable accident that harmed them. If the gas leak is determined to be the underlying cause of the Harlem explosion, for example, injured victims and families would need to establish who can be at fault for failing to address and fix the leak.

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