Should I Change My Lawyer?

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Abraham Jaros
Updated on Monday, Mar 25, 2024

You are not happy with your lawyer if you are reading this article. You simply do not know what to do as change is always difficult. However, sometimes making a change may be the best thing you can do.

Most people do not realize that they can change lawyers even after their accident case has been started and is moving through the legal system. The process to change lawyers in a personal injury accident case is really quite simple and straightforward. You find a lawyer you will now feel comfortable with, you sign a letter letting your present lawyer know that you have hired someone new, and your present lawyer will then transfer your legal file to your new lawyer.

People worry that if they change their lawyers they will now have to pay two legal fees, a fee to each lawyer. That is simply not so. Switching lawyers does not in any way affect the legal fee that you will pay!

Your retainer, the document you sign to hire a lawyer, sets your legal fee at one third (1/3rd) of any recovery you receive. This fee is set by the Court. If you switch lawyers all that happens is that your first lawyer will share the 1/3rd legal fee with the second lawyer after your case is concluded. This fee is divided based on what each lawyer has contributed to your end result.

Why do so many people want to change their lawyer? Why are so many people unhappy with their lawyer?

I have been a practicing personal injury trial lawyer for over forty years, and generally, the reasons that a lawyers’ client may be thinking of needing to change lawyers are:

  • After I hired my lawyer, I am never told, and I do not know, what is happening with my case.
  • If I call the lawyer’s office I can never get to speak to my lawyer, and can only speak to a secretary or a paralegal, who does not have any answers for me.
  • When I have questions, whether about my medical treatment or about my going back to work, I can never reach my lawyer to get any advice.

Rather than the lawyer helping the accident victim navigate through the legal system to obtain compensation there is a total lack of communication that causes even more anxiety and pain.

At my office, Jaroslawicz & Jaros, we understand how important it is when you have a personal injury case to have access to someone to speak to when you have a question or concern. It is our office’s policy that if the phone is not answered immediately each client who called our office must be called back within the same or next day by the lawyer handling their case.

When you hire our firm, you are hiring David Jaroslawicz and Abraham Jaros. Abraham Jaros, or “Abe”, even has his cell number on his website so you can always call him directly. You will always have the opportunity to speak to either one of the two partners, David Jaroslawicz or Abraham Jaros.

As lawyers are sometimes on trial, in Court or at a deposition, so that they are not available to take your call, in addition to having the partners to speak to, you will also have a younger associate who is also assigned to and familiar with your case to contact.

Having a personal injury accident case is a very traumatic event, you were injured, you have no legal knowledge and you do not know a personal injury lawyer. So, what did you do to find a lawyer to represent you after your accident?

Whether you found that lawyer from a recommendation, an ad, or an internet search, what did you really know about that lawyer when you hired that firm? Generally, I would say very little. Did you meet with or interview more than one lawyer? Probably not.

Now that time has passed since your accident, and you do not feel the same pressure to immediately hire a lawyer, you find that you are not happy with your present lawyer, and wonder if it is time for you to change lawyers.

There are different types of personal injury law firms and you may find that there are some firms that are just not the right fit for you and your case.

There are firms that handle hundreds of smaller cases and do very little work on the cases to just try and settle them as early as they can.

There are other firms that only handle cases involving serious accidents and injuries. At Jaroslawicz & Jaros we have been handling serious cases and representing accident victims for over forty (40) years. We have recovered over one million dollars for over one hundred clients. We have hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from our grateful clients.

So if you now find that you have a personal injury case pending where you suffered serious injuries, and feel that you hired the wrong law firm for your case and have no one to speak to, then you should meet with other lawyers and decide if changing lawyers is right for you.

When you retain the New York City accident lawyers at Jaroslawicz & Jaros, you will always work directly with your lawyer, and not with a paralegal or secretary. We will always be available to you!

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You do not have to go through this alone.

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, we have over 40 years of experience helping accident victims in New York recover compensation. The clients we represent benefit from the personal attention of our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys.

We Have Recovered Over $2 Billion for Our Clients.

The attorneys at Jaroslawicz & Jaros have obtained verdicts and settlements of over $1 Million for hundreds of our individual clients. Since all New York personal injury law firms generally charge the same legal fee why not hire an experienced law firm with a proven track record?

When you retain the New York City accident lawyers at Jaroslawicz & Jaros, you will always work directly with your lawyer, and not with a paralegal or secretary. We will always be available to you! Our hundreds of positive client reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

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