Two workers injured in fall at New York college construction site

Written by
Abraham Jaros
Updated on Sunday, Sep 10, 2023

As most construction workers know, working at a construction site often comes with many chances to be hurt. New York City construction accident attorneys would be able to tell our readers that when two workers fall, there is a substantial chance of injury, no matter the height. Unfortunately, two workers learned this recently with a fall from heights that are unknown at this point. The accident occurred at a construction site at Marist College after a wall collapsed. The fall took place inside the structure and, luckily, was not from the roof. The workers were taken out on stretchers to a hospital to be treated. After the workers were taken care of, some debris was removed from the area and workers continued to work after the accident. The extent of the injuries involved was not immediately known. Falls on construction sites should always be taken seriously, even if the fall is not from a significant height. The chance of work injuries being minimized can often happen when workers just “shrug it off" or try to work through the pain. The best course of action is to seek medical attention and make sure everything is okay before continuing to work. If the injuries are serious enough, the worker should always take whatever rest is required to heal. If an employer or the employer’s insurance company tries to cause issues for the worker because he requires a recuperation period, a lawsuit can be brought for lost wages, medical expenses or even wrongful termination. Seeking out help after construction accidents is often the smart way to go. No matter how small or significant an accident, taking care of the worker’s health should always be the first priority. Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, “2 workers injured after fall at Marist College construction site," March 27, 2013

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