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David Jaroslawicz, the principal attorney at our firm, is representing Charles Simons and Tracy Lamar in a lawsuit against CNN and its correspondent Arwa Damon over allegations that Damon attacked the plaintiffs in a drunken rage at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Jaroslawicz filed the suit on Monday, August 4 in New York State Supreme Court. In addition to biting the two medics, the lawsuit alleges that CNN continued to employ Damon even though she had displayed a pattern of drunkenness and reckless behavior. At first, CNN claimed they were not aware of the lawsuit, but now the network claims it is “looking into” it. The alleged incident took place on July 19 when Simons and Lamar were called to the scene of Damon’s drunken rage. When they tried to calm her down, the suit says that she bit them. Damon’s email apology has circulated around the internet. In it, she says that she is “beyond embarrassed” and takes full responsibility for her actions, calling what she did “inexcusable.” This sort of apology is tantamount to an admission, and will likely be used as such in the lawsuit. Read the story as it appears on the following major news networks:

  • Huffington Post
  • Daily Mail
  • Breit Bart
  • NY Daily News
  • Politico