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Hospitals Are Being Penalized for High Readmission Rates

In an attempt to reduce patient readmission rates, the government is cracking down on hospitals and cutting Medicare reimbursements. According to Medicare, nearly 20 percent of Medicare patients are readmitted within one month. In response to that statistic, the Affordable Care Act has authorized the reduction in Medicare reimbursements to hospitals with high readmission rates. The maximum penalty for repeat patients is one percent. The goal is for hospitals to provide better care to patients during and after their hospitals stay, so that it is unnecessary for patients to return. A total of 278 hospitals are receiving the maximum one percent penalty including Mount Sinai and New York Presbyterian in Manhattan.

Mechanic Sentenced for Involvement in Deadly New York Crane Accident

A mechanic who was involved in a 2008 fatal crane accident in New York that killed two workers was sentenced to a year of community service. The families of the workers that died opposed the plea agreement that spared the mechanic from serving any jail time and requested that the judge send the mechanic to jail for his contribution to their loved ones deaths. The mechanic and the crane owner were charged with manslaughter due to the crane's collapse. The complaint alleged they were criminally negligent in conducting a quick, inexpensive and careless repair to a critical piece of a 200 foot tall crane. The crane snapped in half only a month after the "fix." The mechanic pled guilty to a lower charge of criminally negligent homicide. The details of the plea arrangement were that he would serve no jail time if he testified against the crane owner. At the trial, the mechanic testified that to save time and money on the crane repair, the owner dismissed the known manufacturers suggested by the mechanic and opted to use a small company who admitted they may not be able to handle the job. Despite the testimony against him, the crane owner was acquitted at trial; leaving the mechanic the only one who has taken any responsibility for the deaths of the workers. The crane accident occurred only weeks after another deadly 2008 crane accident in New York City that killed seven people. As a result of the 2008 catastrophes, the city aggressively reformed its rules regarding crane safety procedures. Source: Crain's New York Business.com, "No jail for mechanic in deadly NYC crane collapse," August 7, 2012.

Does More Medical Treatment Result in More Medical Malpractice?

A 1999 study by Institute of Medicine found that 98,000 Americans suffered fatalities annually due to medical errors. It is impossible to determine exact current statistics because states are not required to follow the same reporting guidelines that were in place in 1999. It is estimated, however, that medical mistake fatalities have increased significantly- taking the lives of more than 200,000 Americans each year. Doctors are supposed to prevent death, not cause it. So, why are medical mistakes one of the leading causes of death in the United States?

Catastrophic Truck Accident Kills Six

In New York, summer time is often synonymous with road construction. Failing to notice construction warning signs can cause serious injuries and even death. A truck driver's failure to notice the construction signs or the stopped cars ahead of him resulted in a catastrophic accident that involved six cars and killed six people. The driver of the 18-wheeler drove into a line of cars that were stopped in construction traffic behind a paving project. It is reported that the driver appeared alert and an inspection of his cell phone did not produce any texts or telephone calls immediately prior to the truck accident. The 18-wheeler involved in the recent accident, however, was owned by a trucking company who has been involved in 75 truck accidents in the past two years. Thirty percent of those accidents caused injuries and one crash resulted in a fatality.

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