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Construction worker fall highlights potential work injuries

Construction workers play a pivotal role in our communities. They construct buildings that house our businesses and homes, build and repair the roads and bridges we drive on, and maintain the systems that carry our water and waste. While these workers give a lot to society, they are, unfortunately, placed at risk of harm by the nature of their job. Large equipment and building material are dangerous when not operated or handled properly. Though accidents are always preventable, when one occurs and serious work injuries result, New York City construction accident attorneys can help. For an example of how construction accidents happen, one need only look to a recent incident just north of New York City. There, two construction workers were conducting repairs on the underside of a bridge when the temporary supports gave way. Fortunately, the two men were caught by their safety harnesses and no injuries resulted. The incident is currently under investigation. Though the two men in that incident were unharmed, many construction workers are not so lucky. Falling objects at construction sites or a fall from heights can cause serious injuries. Had the two men working on the bridge been injured when the temporary supports gave way, they may have had a cause of action against their employer. When an individual is injured at work because of negligence on the employer or another employee's part, then a lawsuit may be an option to help recover personal injury damages. The negligence must be established in court and it must also be proven that the victim's injuries resulted from that injury. If these elements are satisfied, then recovery is likely. Recoverable damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These awards not only allow the victim to get the attention, care and comfort he needs and deserves, but it also punishes construction employers who fail to ensure the safety of their workers. Construction workers are vital in our world, and lawsuits are a driving force in the implementation of more effective safety measures.

NY fatal crashes caused by cellphones likely underreported

A recent study showed that not only in New York, but all over the nation, fatal accidents caused by cellphones are being underreported. Specifically in New York, there was only one reported fatal crash attributed to a cell phone in 2011, while in 2010 there only ten. As a comparison, Tennessee, the state that reported the most fatal car accidents that were related to cell phone use, reported 93 crashes in 2011 and 71 in 2010. Some New York City wrongful death lawyers and other experts may point out that because New York is so much larger than Tennessee, this discrepancy calls into question the reliability of the underlying statistics; these experts instead believe that accidents related to cell phones are being widely under reported. There are certainly various reasons for this under reporting, but one belief is that unless a witness at the accident such as a driver, passenger or bystander mentions that a cell phone was in use, it can be difficult, if not impossible to prove it. Because of that difficulty, it is believed that crashes related to cell phone use are likely much higher than currently reported simply because drivers do not want to get in trouble for causing an accident while talking on the phone. When someone is involved in an accident, the most important thing is to get them medical attention immediately. After that is taken care of, however, getting an accurate report in writing, even if doing so entails taking down the information by hand, can be critical. In particular, filling out a detailed report immediately may help a person establish whether or not a driver was on his or her cell phone at the time of the wreck. This information could be critical if a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit has to be brought to collect damages for the victim. Seeking out legal assistance after an accident is often necessary. With the proper help, the family of a deceased accident victim can often find a way to make ends meet financially and begin the process of moving on with their lives.

Man arrested at New York border for fatal hit-and-run accident

After causing a fatal hit-and-run, most defendants who are trying to evade the law are not likely to intentionally run into law enforcement officers. However, what one man did may be enough to surprise New York City wrongful death lawyers with how he tried to escape authorities. The perpetrator in this case was caught trying to cross the New York border into Canada to evade authorities. The accident he was allegedly involved in took place on February 18 when he is said to have struck a 38-year-old pedestrian while driving a van for his job. He did not stop and instead left the scene of the fatal car accident. Investigators learned that he was the one driving the van at the time, but then gave a false statement to try and evade authorities. Federal agents tracked the driver down and arrested him. At his hearing, his attorney claimed that he was going to Canada to visit a friend and was unaware that he was wanted for the fatal car accident. Whenever a family member is killed in a car accident it is always a tragedy. When the driver who killed him tried to flee the scene, it makes it even worse because it's that much harder to bring him to justice for taking a life. Once that person is caught and brought to justice, the family can begin to get closure for the horrible event. However, there are still likely to be outstanding medical bills, funeral expenses and lost wages to go along with the loss of life. To try to make up these financial losses a wrongful death lawsuit may be brought against the perpetrator. If it is after a criminal case it may that much easier to bring, since liability is not as much of a question in the case of a criminal conviction.

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