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New York Crane Accident Results in One Fatality and Multiple Injuries

Tragically last Tuesday a construction worker lost his life as the result of a crane collapsing in Manhattan. The 30-year-old worker from New Jersey started working in the construction industry last year after being out of work for some time. Those who knew him remembered him as "good natured" and willing to lend a hand to neighbors and others in need of help. The fatal crane accident occurred when a large 170-foot crane, located at the construction site for the No. 7 subway line extension, collapsed. According to a spokesperson from the Fire Department, two large sections, one about 80 feet and another 40 feet, fell from the crane. Those near the scene described hearing "a big boom." In addition to the one fatality, several other individuals were injured. Those injured included a flagman, a crane operator and an individual related to one of the victims. The cause of the accident has not been officially determined. Investigators are speculating that the crane became unbalanced after there was a failure of some sort, causing a cable behind the crane to snap. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has suspended work on the construction site. Yellow tape now surrounds the collapsed crane with its twisted boom. Stricter regulations for crane projects were enacted after a total of nine people lost their lives in two Manhattan crane accidents in 2008. Perhaps this new accident will lead to further changes to make cranes and New York construction sites safer.

Latinos face disproportionate risk of construction accidents

New York workplaces may lead to a variety of injuries, illnesses or other health problems. For some people, sitting too long in a desk or chair that does not quite fit can cause muscle or back pain. For others, air quality or noise may be a concern. Continuous stress and long hours can also contribute to health problems. Construction workers face some of the greatest workplace risks, however, and may find themselves in need of a personal injury lawyer if they suffer injury while on the job. A recent report from The Center for Popular Democracy indicates that Latinos and other immigrant workers face a greater risk of dying from accidents on a construction site than other workers. In order to write the report, researchers used data on construction site falls from OSHA investigations conducted between 2003 and 2011. The findings of the report showed that in New York State, New York City, Queens and Brooklyn, more than fifty percent of falls or fall-related fatalities were Latinos or immigrants, sometimes reaching as high as eighty-seven percent. A worksite injury almost always results in trauma and financial hardship. These effects can be intensified for construction workers, who face a greater risk of being injured and are more likely to suffer severe, potentially debilitating injuries. Construction accidents, such as a fall from heights, can result in injuries that create permanent disability or require long-term care. This means that a construction worker's ability to earn a living may be negatively affected for the rest of his or her life. Workers' compensation exists to protect employees from financial ruin caused by a worksite injury, but it may not be sufficient to cover the actual costs of medical treatment and care or loss of income for a prolonged or permanent period. When compensation offered is not enough, or when an employer's negligence caused the accident, an injured construction worker may find it necessary to file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation needed. Source: The Huffington Post, "Latinos Make Up Majority Of Fatal Falls At New York Construction Sites," Oct. 25, 2013

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