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A car accident in New York ended with six people injured and at least one vehicle sitting on the sidewalk.

Reports indicate that the accident happened right around 1:20 in the afternoon, when a Ford Explorer and a Lincoln Town Car crashed at the intersection where Liberty Street meets Broadway. After they crashed, the Explorer smashed into a person riding a bicycle, while the Town Car kept going down the road, slammed into a third car, jumped over the curb, and wound up on the sidewalk.

Police arrested the driver in the Town Car. They believe it may have been a road rage accident. They closed down the roads, a massive closure in that area, to do their investigation. They did stress that the area was safe while asking other drivers to stay away.

That message was necessary because there had been reports of a suspicious package earlier in the day, and a bomb squad was called in. The officers wanted to stress that this was a separate event and that there was no danger, despite the increased police presence. Plus, the bomb squad also signed off on the all-clear and said the package wasn’t a threat.

In seconds, road rage can turn from frustration behind the wheel into a devastating accident that puts numerous people in the hospital. Bills can mount quickly as people get treatment and miss time at work. Those few seconds of negligence and recklessness have a huge impact.

As such, it’s important for those who are injured in car accidents to know all of the rights they have to financial compensation.

Source: CBS, “Car crash injures at least 6 near World Trade Center in lower Manhattan,” Dec. 7, 2017