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In New York, summer time is often synonymous with road construction. Failing to notice construction warning signs can cause serious injuries and even death. A truck driver’s failure to notice the construction signs or the stopped cars ahead of him resulted in a catastrophic accident that involved six cars and killed six people. The driver of the 18-wheeler drove into a line of cars that were stopped in construction traffic behind a paving project. It is reported that the driver appeared alert and an inspection of his cell phone did not produce any texts or telephone calls immediately prior to the truck accident. The 18-wheeler involved in the recent accident, however, was owned by a trucking company who has been involved in 75 truck accidents in the past two years. Thirty percent of those accidents caused injuries and one crash resulted in a fatality.

Recovering After a Truck Accident Fatality

Truck drivers are held to a higher level of responsibility than other drivers. The trucking industry is regulated by the government, and drivers have to follow specific rules regarding the amount of hours they can be on the road as well as vehicle maintenance. The trucking company is also responsible for adequately training its drivers. If a driver or a trucking company fails to follow the regulations, they may be responsible for the injuries and fatalities that they cause. In a wrongful death action, family members may be compensated for the costs associated with a loved one’s wrongful death, including the income that person would have provided during his or her life. An experienced wrongful death attorney can guide you through this process. Source: Associated Press, “Police: Driver Was Alert in NY Crash That Killed 6,” July 20, 2012.