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Since its founding in 1980, the law firm of Jaroslawicz & Jaros has helped thousands of clients throughout New York City and the surrounding areas recover over $1 Billion in damages in personal injury, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and other cases. In the past 45 years, we have obtained hundreds of verdicts and settlements for our clients of $1 Million or more.

More Than 100 Client Endorsements

We have received over 100 positive reviews, and as our reviews and testimonials attest, our firm is committed to providing aggressive and compassionate legal services. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to making sure you get the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

Here are some of the client testimonials that we have received over the years. All testimonials were unsolicited and written by real clients:

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We value the feeling we get from knowing that we have gotten people the compensation they deserve, extricated them from terrible situations and changed their lives for the better.

For a free consultation, all Jaroslawicz & Jaros in New York at 917-842-9544 or toll free at 800-269-2780, or tell us about your situation by filling out our online questionnaire.

Over the years, we have received hundreds of thank you notes, letters and emails from clients whose lives we have touched. We’ve included excerpts from some of these letters below. For us, reading through these is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an attorney.

What Our Clients Say

From a client and fellow attorney

Hi Michelle

I received my part of the settlement check.
I and my wife just wanted to thank you and your crew for putting effort to win this case.

Best Regards


Thank you for all your efforts you did for us and G-d should bless you and your family with all the blessings

Thanks again



Hi Michelle

I and my wife just wanted to thank you and your crew for putting effort to win this case.

Best Regards


I received the check yesterday and thank you. I very much appreciate the hard work on the matter and the billing accommodations. You helped make a very difficult situation easier from the very beginning.


I thank you for your work and professionalism in settling my lawsuit.

Thank you again,


Hi Elizabeth,

That’s great news!

I do enjoy working with you.

I really enjoy watching you stick it to the insurance companies’ aka License to Steal.


Great job as per always!

All the very best!


Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle!

…and I am thankful for you and all the team at Jaroslawicz & Jaros for the amazing job you did for me.


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Hi Michelle,

Heartfelt thanks to you and the whole team there. I certainly was referred to the right firm.

Accompanying the pain and inconvenience of the accident…this has been hanging over me for three years. It is a tremendous relief to have it off my plate…and my mind cleared of it. I could physically feel waves of relief all weekend and I can tell you it is a great feeling.

Thank you for your patience with my inquiries and steady and total professional handling of all…



Thank you sir for your time and patience. You are a great attorney, good human being.


Hi Liz, David and Abe,

I am very happy with my settlement.

Liz was an exceptional attorney and fought for my case.


I would like to thank you and your firm for representing me in my journey and Roger is a very good attorney!

Thank you guys for making me feel sane again.


I would like to thank Michael Levine & the whole Jaroslawicz & Jaros law firm for their excellent legal representation. I could not be happier with the end result.

You made a critical difference in my future. When no one wanted to take my case you saved the day and fought for me. It wasn’t an easy fight the process was challenging but you got the job done.

Thanks again for displaying experience and skill to get the best possible results for me.


Hi Abe,

I cannot even explain how thankful I am for everything you have done for us.


Hi Elizabeth,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and rushing the settlement. I appreciate all your hard work.

After having changed attorneys several times, you were reliable and made me feel comfortable.

I can’t thank you enough and you will never understand how much this means to me.

I appreciate you.


Hi Mike Levine,

I just wanted to thank you and your co-workers for a great job you guys have done for me and my family on my case I really appreciate the length that you went through to help me get what I deserve.

I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be and am very grateful.

Just wanted to send you an email thank you again for everything you have done for me.



Dear Elizabeth,

Looking back over 2016-2017, one of the best things for me was having you champion my cause.


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Thank you. And thanks again for settling the case and for everything else. You were great.


To David Jaros, NY’s best Lawyer

Mariano testimonial to David Jaros

Mariano Rivera 06/20/17

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Dear Abe,

Thank you for your dedication, perseverance and commitment to help me get the most of my case. May it help us always to see “fruits of labor” in our doing, and use it in good health and happiness.

Mrs. T

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I would like to say how impressed I am with the diligence and hard work Stephen Jacobson of Jaroslawicz & Jaros put into my case. I don’t believe any other law firm would have persevered to get the generous settlement that I received. I would definitely recommend this law firm over any other to represent you.


Dear Mr. Jaroslawicz,

We are writing to thank you for the advice you provided, support you offered and generosity you showed us.

Your expertise helped guide us through a challenging situation.

We are sincerely grateful for everything, from your legal advice to your warmth and patience.

We appreciate all you did. Once again, thank you from our entire family!

Z Family

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Great settlement! Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much!


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Dear Elizabeth,

It was during very emotional and trying times that the (redacted) Family reached out to you for advice and assistance. Our student-athlete daughter had been subjected to an offense that had the potential to negatively affect her life for many years to come. As parents we were understandably distraught, and while searching for the absolute best possible representation for our daughter, we were led directly to you.

To our relief you immediately recognized the wrong that had occurred and sympathized with our plight. We were impressed by your expertise, your candor, and especially with the deep concern that you displayed for our daughter’s well-being throughout the entire process. It was a great relief for us to be able to place our case in your expert and capable hands, and to know that we had a savvy and deliberate litigator working diligently on our behalf at all times.

Not only did you represent us fully and with all the vigor and passion that our case deserved, you went above and beyond by treating our family as if we were your own. Your dedication to our case is a testament to your high character, and to the commitment you display toward your clients and to the legal profession as well.

As a result of your hard work, our daughter has a bright future ahead of her; one where she can embark upon new endeavors unencumbered by the wrongs of the past. The (redacted) Family has a deep appreciation for you. We will always be grateful for your compassionate counsel, and we thank you from our hearts.


T. T.

To: Abraham Jaros

“…Judge S.T. says you’re one tough S.O.B. in the courtroom…”


Dear Elizabeth,

I cannot thank you enough for your unwavering dedication to our case. You are clearly passionate about your work and feel a strong responsibility to represent your clients effectively. Your commitment and high level of professionalism are truly impressive. More importantly, you are results-oriented. Thank you again for your hard work. I would recommend you without a hesitation to anyone I know that had need of your services.



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Dear Michael Levine,

I just want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf, you were always patient and professional in our dealings.

Thank you


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Dear Mr. Jaros,

Thank you for your very valuable time and kindness. You are a Mensch! May you and your loved ones be well and safe always! I must tell you that Gil was wonderful! She is sweet and caring. I felt better after speaking to you both!

With much gratitude,
Ronnie C

Ronnie C

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Your knowledge, professionalism and skills were exemplary at trial…


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Thank you. I am grateful for all your help, knowledge and expertise.


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Thank you so much for all your hard work.


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You invested a tremendous amount of time on a case…


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I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is injured to be represented by your law firm. The care and time I was given is something I will always cherish and never forget.

Abraham S.

…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Phyllis M.

Mike, thanks for always taking my call and being there for me through thick and thin.


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Both you and your staff are always there to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable and that I am being taken care of.


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Thank you for your thoughtfulness, understanding and concern for her during this whole ordeal.


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I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous job Steve did in handling my auto liability case in court last month resulting in proving 100% liability against the defendant and a maximum personal injury damage award.


I would highly recommend you to friends and family.


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Some people truly find their niche in life and this is clearly yours.


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As our lawyer, you were on top of your game.

The ___ Family

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You are more than just an attorney. You have a heart.


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You are an excellent lawyer.

R & AP

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I felt secure and comfortable with your team.


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This has made a huge difference in my life.


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Thanks to you and all your staff.


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Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you for the incredible work you did on my behalf.


From the beginning, Mr. Abraham Jaros received me as a friend.

Juan C.

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The help, guidance and hard work done on my behalf, made the road ahead for me possible.


…always polite and professional…


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I want to dearly thank Abe, Michelle and Natasha very much for all of the time, care, and effort you all put into my case.


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…your knowledge and confidence were instrumental in the successful outcome of the matter.


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You run the best law firm. My family and I have been doing business with you for many years.


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I would highly recommend your firm to anyone requiring a hardworking, aggressive team of attorneys.

Ms. Lvg

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…Both cases were handled to my utmost satisfaction and I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially those in the construction trades.


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I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is injured to be represented by your law firm. The care and time I was given is something I will always cherish and never forget.


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Mr. Jaros was so determined to do his best for me, the result was beyond my expectations.


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…there is comfort in knowing that the firm that represents your interests is professional, informative, respectful, courteous and empathetic to your needs.


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Thank you so very much for your kind and generous attention to my case.


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I would like to thank your firm and especially Mr. Stephen Jacobson for all his help in bringing the verdict to a very happy conclusion.


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I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to you for your work…


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…I’m very pleased and want to thank you and your firm for your aggressive and, ultimately, successful uphill fight on my behalf.

Ed S.

Great lawyer! A very attentive lawyer, very knowledgeable, and very successful with my case (and many others). I’ve had a wonderful experience with him. I’ve recommended him to a few friends, and all were very impressed. He treats everyone with respect, follows up, and just makes for a great overall experience.


Each time I entered the offices of Jaroslawicz & Jaros it resonated with: trust, comfort, and above all personal care.


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Dear Mr. Jaros,

Thank you again for the successful resolution of my case. From the initial interview through the deposition and ensuing conversations, you and your associates provided exemplary consideration and service.

Best regards,


Dear Abraham,

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

HONESTY. INTEGRITY. CARING. BRILLIANT. This is my definition of Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC. I was injured in a car accident just over a year ago and did a lot of research to find the ‘perfect’ law firm. I decided to go with Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC after hearing AMAZING reviews.

To be honest I had some ‘fear of the unknown’ at first but RIGHT FROM MY VERY FIRST PHONE CALL they put me at ease when they patiently explained the process to me and took the load off my back. I was consistently AMAZED at their TRUE DEVOTION to my case as if it were their own. They handled EVERYTHING from A to Z.

They are brilliant, knowledgeable and professional lawyers who REALLY CARE about their clients. I was hoping to get a good settlement and lo and behold they recovered the MAXIMUM possible recovery and I could not be HAPPIER!!! If g-d forbid you or someone you know was injured and is looking for a TRUE , HONEST AND CARING LAW FIRM LOOK NO FURTHER!! Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC IS THE ONE AND ONLY WAY TO GO!!! Take it from a past client with experience, you will not be disappointed!!!


Hello Abe,

Now is the time to rave about the service that I have received from your office.

Throughout the whole time of this complicated case, I felt confident that I’m with the best team to possibly get. Which gave me some level of comfort while the lengthy bureaucratic process was dragging on.

You personally and all of the staff were always available and responded to my concerns in an utmost professional and personable matter.

And how can I forget how you showed for me and my son to help us out in front of a judge unrelated to our case at hand.

I am confident to recommend your office to friends and family.


Allen B

I’d like to publicly thank Mr. Jaros and his team for bringing my case to successful conclusion.


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We wanted to send a card in appreciation of your services.


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Thank you so much for all that you, and your staff, have done on my behalf. I felt confident every step of the way knowing that I had you, and David behind me. Money doesn’t solve everything, but I feel better knowing that those responsible were taken to task for their negligence. I now have four surgeries behind me and I am looking forward to either six weeks of IV therapy, or a lifetime of daily oral antibiotics. Only time and cultures will tell. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Just writing to thank you for your services.


I appreciate all that you have done on my behalf.


Words cannot express how grateful I am.


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Abraham & David, my wife and I would like to thank you for all that you have done leading up to and concluding with our case being closed yesterday.

C & A

When my father passed away as a result of elective surgery, we initially retained a law firm that spent nearly 18 months investigating the matter, before declining to pursue it. I contacted Abraham Jaros and his firm after having attended a lecture given some years prior by his brother David Jaroslawicz at a Continuing Legal Education seminar (I’m an attorney myself in a different practice area). At the time I was impressed by David’s attitude, approach and obvious intelligence, and made a note of his firm’s name should I ever be unfortunate enough to require legal counsel. Abe and his partner, Natasha, expertly and efficiently investigated the matter, found merit to our claim for wrongful death and medical malpractice, and promptly filed suit. Abe and Natasha obtained for myself and my family an excellent settlement. We are all very grateful for their hard work, dedication and professionalism during an extremely difficult time in our lives.

John H.

Mr. Jaros is a very good lawyer. Thank you very much: Mr. Jaros, and all those who participated in my case. I had moved to your firm, because I lacked confidence in the firm I worked with, before working with you. I am glad to say, that you gave me lots of confidence in my case. I knew you are taking good care of me, and that you will get the most you are able to.


Smart, organized and a very professional team of people! I had the opportunity to work with Jaroslawicz & Jaros, and they were unbelievable! I appreciated their help and their kindness over the last two years during a very difficult time in my life. David Jaroslawicz and Abe Jaros were always available to me, and their staff, including Elizabeth Eilender, Michelle Holman, David Tolchin and Victoria Feliciano were just incredible people. They were smart, organized and extremely professional. I felt secure and comfortable with this team. It was nice to know so many people were on my side. They certainly proved to me to be top players in this business. I will never forget their support, their diligence and their dedication to my case.


It is with great pleasure that I write this review. I hope that I can convey the enormous respect and admiration I have for Abe Jaros both professionally and personally. My wife was seriously injured in an automobile accident a few years ago. I sought recommendations for a respected, knowledgeable, experienced practitioner in personal injury law — one who attains good results for his clients — and was given Abe Jaros’ name. My wife and I met with Abe, took a quick liking to him and hired him and his firm. Abe carefully investigated all aspects of the facts surrounding the accident and the extent of the injuries suffered by my wife. He diligently pursued the case, was responsive to our calls, attentive to the myriad details that were involved and knowledgeable of the nuances of court procedure that enabled our case to come to trial in a relatively short period of time. Abe structured and presented our case in the strongest possible manner. The result of Abe’s efforts was an excellent settlement from the defendant. We were entirely satisfied with Abe’s services and unhesitatingly recommend him to others.


Great lawyer! My experience with Abe Jaros was more than I could ask for. After many experiences with difficult to reach lawyers, Abe was a pleasure to deal with. He was easy to reach and would get back to me in a very timely fashion. I never felt I was a burden to him. My injury case was complicated and the successful outcome based on his knowledge and expertise was more than I was expecting. I would highly recommend Abe to anyone with an injury case.


“My sincere thanks to you for your work.”


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Mr. Jaros was kind and extremely sympathetic to my situation and he made me feel comfortable with the idea of fighting for what was right.


Always available when you need him and very helpful.


During deep emotional stress, grief, pain and confusion there is comfort in knowing that the firm that represents your interests is professional, informative, respectful, courteous and empathetic to your needs.


I wanted to express my thanks to you and the members of your firm who represented me in my recent case. As you know it was a difficult time for me and my family and your advice and guidance throughout the legal process made me feel comfortable that I was in good hands.


I’d like to thank Mr. Jaros and his team for bringing my case to successful conclusion. I was injured quite severely in an accident. Had consulted with another attorney who was not very encouraging as to the potential outcome for me. The case was a bit complicated. I had the good fortune to be put in touch with Mr. Jaros and his firm. Their legal skills helped start my lawsuit without delay, they prepared everything for trial as quickly as possible and finally settled my case before the trial began. They dealt with the insurance company and doctors on my behalf. They were with me at all times.

Steve L.



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