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Many New York individuals choose to use their bike as a primary mode of transportation. Traffic can be heavy getting to and from work, and the subway is not always convenient. However, cyclists on New York City roads can be in danger of accidents with other cars on the road, especially in times of high traffic.

According to the NYC Department of Transportation, there were near 60,000 injuries and over 200 deaths to cyclists in 2017. What are common causes of these accidents to look out for while you are biking?

Car making left or right turns

This situation can be very dangerous for bikers, especially as cars often forget that there are cyclists sharing the road. A car making a left turn may crash into a cyclist because they did not look for them, he or she was in a blind spot, or the car did not yield to the cyclist’s right of way.

A car making a right turn may cut off a biker if they do not look before turning. Cyclists ride in the street just like cars, but inattentive drivers may not realize there is a cyclist next to them when making a turn to the right.

Driver or biker intoxication

Driving or biking under the influence greatly increases the risk of a crash. When a driver of a car is impaired, they are less likely to see the cyclist or take preventative measures against crashing into one.

Cyclists who ride under the influence are at a disadvantage as alcohol may compromise their motor skills. Riding between lanes and into traffic are common causes of alcohol-related crashes.

Car following bicycle too closely

When a car is following too closely to a bike, it can lead to rear-end type accidents, where a car crashes into the back of a bike. This often happens when a driver is distracted or not paying attention to the biker’s movements. This is hard for a cyclist to watch out for, as they are not actively looking behind them while biking.