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A construction site is filled with hazards that must be expertly navigated by the men and women who work at them. Even though there are some very serious hazards, there are just as many safety procedures and protocols to help keep these hard workers safe. Unfortunately, not all construction companies require employees to use these safety procedures.

There are some hazards that are more common than others. These are actually large risks that can lead to serious injuries or even death. The risk of falls, which can occur from ladders, scaffolding and other elevated surfaces, is one of these. It isn’t feasible to tell workers not to climb, but it can be required that they use harnesses and other devices to help them from hitting the ground if they do fall.

Another hazard is falling objects. This can also be controlled by using harnesses or tethers to keep the object from falling to the ground. Other options include using netting or similar methods to protect people who are at a lower level than the work being done.

Some workers are crushed by heavy equipment as they work. This might be prevented if workers use a spotter when maneuvering forklifts, hoists and other heavy machinery. Workers who know they are working around these machines should make sure they aren’t crowding them when they are being operated.

While construction work often has entry level positions open, these workers shouldn’t be put on the job site until they have been properly trained. This, along with common sense, could help them and others on the job site to return safely to their family members after their shift is over.