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Working in construction often comes with its share of risks, particularly construction accidents, as any construction worker knows. However, the unfortunate occurrence that recently happened to one worker who was killed in a construction site fall was a tragic reminder of how dangerous the line of work really is. A worker was out in the 12 degree freezing cold at a construction site near 45th Street in New York City when he fell from a height of about fifteen feet into the basement. Apparently the worker hit his head on a steel girder during the fall. The worker was then rushed to the hospital to be treated but died from his injuries. It is unclear what initially caused his fall, but hitting his head on the steel girder is believed to have been a factor in his death. When a worker is seriously injured or killed from work injuries, there is always great sorrow for his family. Families must try to deal with not only the loss of a loved one but also try to make ends meet now that the income is lost. In addition, they must pay for any costs and bills associated with the death. One of the ways to try and get assistance with the loss is to bring a wrongful death claim. Such a claim can be brought against any number of parties, including the employer, insurance company and even the owner of the construction site, among many others. Seeking out assistance to be sure to get the proper recovery is often the best way to make sure all parties are included. Losing a loved one for any reason is always incredibly difficult. A New York City wrongful death lawyer can help you begin the tremendously difficult task of recovery.