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Construction workers in New York City face higher risks of accidents and fatalities than employees in other industries. At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, we understand the unique dangers that come with working on scaffolds and tall buildings. 

Taking into consideration the time it takes to master the skills and safety practices needed to avoid workplace accidents, you may have already suffered an injury at a construction site. When such injuries occur, a legal action may help to obtain relief from overwhelming medical expenses and the loss of income during recovery. 

Due to the rise of the contract-employee “gig” economy, some employers have displayed a tendency to pay less attention to safety training. This may account for the rise in the number of injuries and deaths. 

Since 2014, accidents on construction sites increased by 221% and fatalities increased by 33%, as reported by CBS News. Contractors underbidding on construction projects allegedly contribute to the hiring of less expensive laborers who might not have as much experience in navigating dangerous sites. 

Many construction sites currently active in The Big Apple are purportedly not in compliance with safety regulations. New and inexperienced workers may find themselves learning how to avoid hazardous conditions through trial-and-error and on their own. When contractors cut expenses, workers might also find themselves forced to use lesser-quality materials and deprived of safety equipment such as harnesses and reliably stable ladders. 

By law, employers and contractors must ensure construction sites are safe and kept free from hazardous working conditions. A company’s failure to maintain safe working conditions and remain in compliance with construction-site regulations may cause it to breach its duty to workers. Under such circumstances, the company may be liable for injuries, damages and wrongful deaths. 

Our page on construction site injuries provides more information about your rights after suffering a life-altering workplace accident.