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Recently in New York, a school bus struck a 50-year-old cyclist in Central Park on the 96th Street transverse. While it’s still legal for vehicles to drive on the transverse, the area is dangerous for bicyclists.

The incident happened on Dec. 17 at 8:30 am. The injured cyclist reportedly died after arriving at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Police have yet to release the exact cause of the accident, although a police spokesperson indicated that the cyclist may have hit an ice patch that sent him into the path of the bus.

West of Second Avenue on the East Side of Manhattan, there is a lack of north- and southbound protected bike lanes, so cyclists often take Fifth Avenue. Unfortunately, Fifth Avenue has seen 302 reported crashes with 15 cyclists among the injured.

Until the area is safer for cyclists, injurious accidents will continue. Safety advocates are calling specifically for a network of protected bike lanes on the East Side of Manhattan and throughout the city.

For bicycle accident victims and their families, legal options may be available for obtaining compensation for medical care, lost income and other costs resulting from the negligence of others.