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Case Executive Plaza, PLLC v Peerless Insurance Company filed in State of New York Court of Appeals. Attorney David Jaroslawicz is representing the appellant in this case, Executive Plaza. This is a federal case concerning two provisions of a $1 million fire insurance policy which was issued by Peerless Insurance Company. The policy was purchased to cover an office building located in Island Park, owned by Executive Plaza. In the first provision of the policy, the owner of the office building is required to repair or replace damaged property prior to bringing suit, and to make those repairs “as soon as reasonably possible.” The second provision required the building’s owner to bring any such suit against the insurance company within two years of the damage. The major question underlying this case is, what happens when it is not reasonably possible to repair/replace damages to the property within a two-year timeframe? To continue reading, view Executive Plaza, PLLC v Peerless Insurance Company.