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Authorities in the Catholic church in New York City have seen their share of problems from the wave of child sexual abuse cases that have come to light in the recent years. The developments in this ongoing issue are currently moving toward what could be a resolution and reform. 

However, it remains to be seen whether the church is willing to take responsibility for the trespasses of its volunteers and clergymen. It seems that people from all walks of life have been victims, and more cases continually arise as brave sufferers come forward. 

Nevertheless, the archdiocese of New York claims to be abuser free. An article in the New York Post reported on this claim. The publication followed a year-long review of how the archdiocese had dealt with allegations of sexual abuse. The article also indicates that the church’s payments for settlements with the victims had risen to $67 million. 

Some of the allegations in the past year were part of a one-year look-back period allowing victims to come forward regardless of how long ago the alleged abuse occurred. This is one of several provisions of New York’s Child Victims Act. According to the Queens Daily Eagle, 1200 alleged victims filed claims under this act from August to December 2019 alone. 

Under the law, victims from any organization — whether it’s a public school, a church or the Boy Scouts of America — are afforded protections and can seek justice for the transgressions of their abusers.