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Attorney Elizabeth Eilender, of counsel to our law firm, is representing Tony Parker in a $20 million lawsuit against a New York City nightclub. Parker filed the lawsuit in Manhattan’s State Supreme Court after sustaining an eye laceration due to a brawl between Chris Brown and Drake at the W.i.P. club. Parker is currently recovering from eye surgery in Paris and is hoping to be fully recovered in a month in time for the Olympics. Parker is poised to suit up for his home country of France. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Eilender explained that due to failed security measures and additional negligence on behalf of the nightclub, Parker was unnecessarily injured. The lawsuit accuses the club of negligence on the grounds of “failing to adequately secure the premises, failing to call the police in a timely manner and failing to monitor activity on its premises.” Eilender explained in the interview that the particular area of the club that Parker was in the night he got injured was dangerous and should have had extra security. According to Eilender, “This area of the annexed club was supposed to be even more exclusive…so you would think if they were touting it as an even more exclusive club experience, you have to expect that the people there would be people who would require additional security.” Eilender continued that Chris Brown and Drake shouldn’t have even been allowed in the club, let alone be sat close to each other, as the two are notorious for being hostile with each other. According to witness accounts of the night, Drake and his entourage and Chris Brown and his entourage were sitting at tables close to each other in the exclusive section of the W.i.P club. At some point, an altercation between the two tables broke out. Allegedly, people started throwing bottles, throwing fists and there are even reports that gunshots were fired. The lawsuit alleges that in addition to failed security measures and negligently sitting the two entourages at tables next to each other, the club should also be held liable for serving alcohol to individuals who were already visibly intoxicated. In fact, W.i.P club has been the location of a number of other violent altercations that resulted in it being denied a liquor license. In sum, the club should have known that sitting the foes next to each other, serving them an excess of alcohol and providing minimal security wouldn’t have ended well.