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In a small town near New York City, a few workers were helping to build a new school. However, it now sounds like New York City construction accident attorneys are going to have to get involved because of a serious problem with the support structures. Construction workers were inside the structure when a collapse occurred and fell from a height of at least 10 feet. It is believed that it was a support structure that gave way that resulted in the fall. One worker had to be flown to Westchester Medical Center because it is believed he may have suffered possible bone fractures. The other workers were also taken to the hospital, though it is unclear the extent of their injuries at this time. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating to try and find out why the construction accident occurred. Falls on construction sites are some of the most serious work injuries, as they often result in back, neck or head injuries. When this happens, the worker could suffer long term problems that he may have to deal with for the rest of their life. For this reason, health concerns should always be put first for any worker who falls at the job, even if it does not seem like a major problem. Once the worker’s health is taken care of, the injured party may seek worker’s compensation. The insurance company or employer may contest it or the employer may go as far as firing the worker, if it is a long term injury. A personal injury lawsuit may have to be brought in order for a proper recovery. Recovering from a work injury is often a long process for the injured worker and their family. During that challenging time, any assistance that can be sought out is often helpful in aiding the recovery process. Source: Hudson Valley News 12, “OSHA probing Kiryas Joel construction accident that injured 4,” April 11, 2013