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Help for Tenants Injured in Home or Apartment Fires

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC, we represent tenants who suffered fire and burn injuries because of the negligence of landlords and other parties. These cases often involve traumatic second- and third-degree burns. They may also involve smoke inhalation injuries. These injuries can also be life-changing, resulting in emphysema and other lung conditions, forcing victims to rely on oxygen tanks and other assistance. Medical treatment for these injuries is painful, long-term and typically very expensive. Our lawyers work hard to make certain to get fire injury victims sufficient compensation to cover all these expenses and more.

What Did the Landlord Do Wrong?

When investigating apartment and house fires, we may find any number of problems that, had they not been present, the fire may have been prevented or the victim may have escaped with significantly lesser injuries. We find fire hazards of all types. We find smoke detectors with dead batteries and fire alarms that should have been replaced. We find insufficient fire exits, failure to have fire safe closing doors, blocked doors and windows. We have even found illegal subdivisions in apartments, dividers put up by landlords who completely ignore all fire safety regulations. If we find that the landlord or property owner was responsible in any way, we will take action.

Was Someone Other Than the Landlord to Blame?

Our investigation may reveal that the building fire was not the landlord’s fault at all. Instead, we may discover that a candle used in another tenant’s apartment caused the fire. Whether a case involves a defective space heater or smoke detectors and fire alarms that malfunctioned, we will hold the responsible party accountable for the harm caused through a personal injury lawsuit.