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Many people in New York do not realize how serious dog bites can be. Although it is rare for victims to experience serious injuries, they can and do happen. Some attacks result in minor scratches and bruises, and others are so serious that victims sustain broken bones, deep lacerations and other serious injuries that require medical attention. What’s more is that many dog bite victims experience tremendous pain and suffering, huge medical bills and lost wages. 

Some injuries are so minor victims can resume their normal activities a few days after their attacks. Those who suffer serious injuries often face long recoveries, requiring medical intervention and rehabilitation. Here is a brief overview of injuries that stem from dog bite attacks. 

The type and impact of dog bite attacks on victims 

Children are more susceptible to dog attacks than adults. Their small statures and budding immune systems put them at risk of developing infections and other complications that compromise their health. Some victims, usually children, sustain catastrophic injuries that result in their deaths. Those who survive their attacks after receiving severe injuries often are not able to enjoy the quality of life they had before their ordeals. 

Common injuries victims receive include: 

  •        Nerve damage
  •        Broken bones
  •        Traumatic injuries
  •        Disfigurement
  •        Infections 

There are many factors that determine the severity of dog bite injuries. The dog’s size, weight and breed and the victim’s size, age and health are some of the many factors that determine the severity of dog bite injuries. 

Dog bite/attack victims and their family members may be entitled to compensation from the owners of their canine assailants. Because there are many factors to consider, not all attacks qualify. For example, non-vicious breeds that have no history of violence or aggression that attack a person after being startled or aggravated may not receive any or as much compensation as a victim who is attacked by a vicious canine breed that has a history of violence and aggression.