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When you commute regularly through New York City on a bicycle, you may be looking for ways to optimize your safety and avoid dangerous accidents. Because a city is a busy place and people are often in a hurry everywhere you look, it’s important to know how to effectively reduce your risk of being the victim of a bicycle accident.

One safety precaution that you can take is to make sure that your bicycle is properly fitted to your body. Not only will taking the time to find a bike appropriate for your body size, weight and lifestyle provide you with a more comfortable ride, but it can also help you to maintain better control during your travel. Likewise, make sure that you check your bike for anything that needs to be repaired and that you perform routine maintenance when it is due to keep your bike functioning optimally.

According to U.S. News, visibility is arguably the most effective way you can stay safe. By using a combination of reflectors on your bicycle and by wearing additional reflective gear, you can be noticed more easily by passing motorists. Also, consider adding a bicycle light on your bike if you ever ride at dawn, dusk or night.

Just as you wouldn’t text and drive or allow yourself to become too distracted while driving a car, the same rules apply when you’re riding your bicycle. Becoming distracted could cause you to look away from the road in front of you, and even a few seconds could make all the difference in helping you to recognize road hazards before it’s too late. Likewise, never consume drugs or alcohol prior to your ride so you can guarantee that you are alert and capable of making safe and responsible decisions.