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New York is a big, bustling city and you can find new construction sites anywhere you look. Today, we at Jaroslawicz & Jaros will take a look at how the increased amount of construction can create more hazards for everyone, workers and pedestrians alike.

First up, we will discuss the dangers of scaffolding. Scaffolding is the structure found on the exterior of buildings that are in the process of being constructed or renovated. They can extend out over a sidewalk. Sometimes, pedestrians are allowed to walk under them.

Due to the structural integrity necessary to keep scaffolding safe, there is not a lot of wiggle room for mistakes when it comes to their construction. For safety reasons, they must be able to hold upwards of 2 times their maximum weight limit. The cables supporting the structure must hold 4 times that amount.

Unfortunately, despite safety regulations, mistakes still happen. Several common errors that can cause big issues later are the result of the structure being put together improperly. For example, visibly worn or damaged pieces are supposed to be cycled out and replaced, but that doesn’t always happen.

In some instances, these incidents are a result of deliberate attempts to cut costs. In others, it can simply be an act of unintentional negligence. Regardless of the cause, parts of the can fail, fall or collapse, harming workers or pedestrians on or around it.

If you have been injured on a construction site because of scaffolding, consider taking a look at our web page, linked here. We talk more about making claims and seeking compensation, as well as steps you can take after an incident to recover financially.