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You probably have heard that construction is one of the most dangerous industries, not just in New York, but all over the United States. Are you wondering exactly what that means statistically?

The estimate is that two workers pass away every single day. That’s a higher rate than most other industries and means that hundreds are killed on the job annually.

To compare it to other industries, think of it this way: About 20 percent of all deadly accidents happen in construction. That’s one out of every five fatalities.

By far, falls are the biggest reason for these deadly injuries. They account of 36.9 percent of all construction deaths, according to some reports. While some falls are certainly from significant heights, many happen within 10 feet of the ground.

The next biggest risk is when workers are accidentally struck by any other object. These account for 10.3 percent of the fatalities. Many of these incidents happen when something else — a power tool, for instance — falls off of a structure and hits a worker below.

As far as specific jobs go, some are safer than others. Typical construction laborers are involved in 26 percent of the accidents. First-line supervisors are involved in 13 percent, while roofers are involved in 11 percent. Both carpenters and electricians are involved in 7 percent of fatal accidents.

Have you lost a loved one in a construction accident? The risk, unfortunately, is very great in this industry. It’s important for family members to know all of the legal options that they have and how to proceed after a deadly accident.

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