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Ice and snow covering the roads in New York make driving extremely dangerous, even for those who slow down and drive safely in winter conditions. A deadly accident can be caused by one simple mistake that makes the wreck all but unavoidable.

A recent crash helps to shed light on the dangers. A mother, along with her wife and her 3-year-old son, were stopped on Interstate 684, along with other traffic. They were heading south.

Behind them, a 59-year-old man was also going south, driving a box truck. He tried to stop when he neared the stalled traffic, but he couldn’t do it because of the ice. The box truck slammed into the car, causing a chain reaction wreck with six total vehicles.

The damage was worst in the first car he hit. The young boy and his mother were both killed in the tragic accident. The woman was 40 years old. Her wife was also injured and taken to a nearby hospital, though her injuries are described as minor and she should physically recover.

People in the other four cars were also injured, though minor issues were reported all around. Emergency crews brought those who needed it to area hospitals.

The New York State Police blamed ice on the road, though it is worth noting that drivers are supposed to keep themselves and others safe by driving in a manner that is appropriate for current conditions.

Life can change forever in a split second during a car accident. Those who live through deadly accidents must be aware of all of their legal rights and options in the tough days following such a crash.

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