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Jaroslawicz & Jaros is currently representing a client who was injured as a result of a subway derailment in Queens earlier this month. The derailment, which occurred around 10:30 am on Friday May 2nd, injured 19 passengers, four of whom suffered “potentially serious injuries,” according to officials. The derailment also stranded hundreds of passengers and caused massive delays.

Authorities have reported that six cars on an eight-car F train derailed as it was passing Woodside, Queens. According to transit officials, the incident was the most serious on the New York City subway system since 1991. The Chairman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) stated that the cause of the derailment has yet to be determined. MTA did state that while there was no structural damage at the derailment site, there did appear to be track damage. MTA will continue its investigation.

You can read more about the derailment on this New York Times article.