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After causing a fatal hit-and-run, most defendants who are trying to evade the law are not likely to intentionally run into law enforcement officers. However, what one man did may be enough to surprise New York City wrongful death lawyers with how he tried to escape authorities. The perpetrator in this case was caught trying to cross the New York border into Canada to evade authorities. The accident he was allegedly involved in took place on February 18 when he is said to have struck a 38-year-old pedestrian while driving a van for his job. He did not stop and instead left the scene of the fatal car accident. Investigators learned that he was the one driving the van at the time, but then gave a false statement to try and evade authorities. Federal agents tracked the driver down and arrested him. At his hearing, his attorney claimed that he was going to Canada to visit a friend and was unaware that he was wanted for the fatal car accident. Whenever a family member is killed in a car accident it is always a tragedy. When the driver who killed him tried to flee the scene, it makes it even worse because it’s that much harder to bring him to justice for taking a life. Once that person is caught and brought to justice, the family can begin to get closure for the horrible event. However, there are still likely to be outstanding medical bills, funeral expenses and lost wages to go along with the loss of life. To try to make up these financial losses a wrongful death lawsuit may be brought against the perpetrator. If it is after a criminal case it may that much easier to bring, since liability is not as much of a question in the case of a criminal conviction.