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When someone is hit by a driver, the hope is that the driver stops to make sure the person is okay. Unfortunately, this was not the case for one older man who recently was hit and killed by a driver who is still on the run. The incident occurred in upstate New York, near New York City, when an 86-year-old man was out getting his mail on Route 1. The man was hit by a silver SUV around 5:00 pm. The SUV did not stop at the scene of the accident, but instead continued on toward Route 284. The collision resulted in the man’s death and police are still trying to find the perpetrator; a reward is now being offered for anyone who can offer any information on the driver. It is unclear at this point what other leads the police have in their investigation into this heinous crime. Often times, when a loved one is lost in a fatal accident, it is incredibly hard on the remaining family members. The last thing they’ll want to do is try to relive it or go through any details; however, that is often necessary to receive help in making a claim for compensation. The family should consult with not only the police, but also potentially seek the assistance of New York City wrongful death lawyers in order to try and bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Once that party is found, it is likely that he or she can be sued for the wrongful death, as well as any associated costs and for the pain and suffering incurred by the family. Recovering after the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident is incredibly difficult. Working toward holding a negligent party responsible, however, can bring that much-needed closure to the family to be able to begin to move on. Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Reward offered in fatal NY hit-and-run accident”, Sept. 2, 2013