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Hearing about a case of a hit and run in New York City is bad enough. But, hearing about a triple hit and run, where the alleged perpetrator claims his innocence, would be enough to make even New York City wrongful death lawyers cringe. The car accident occurred in New York City, when the alleged perpetrator was driving over 70 miles per hour. Reportedly, he struck a car carrying a husband and pregnant wife. The alleged perpetrator, who was driving a borrowed car, left the scene of the fatal car accident, telling the people who were there to help that he was fine. The husband and pregnant wife both died that day and their son, who was delivered via a caesarean section operation, died the next day. The couple’s death triggered a manhunt for the perpetrator of the accident. The driver ultimately surrendered himself five days later. Though the loss of a loved one is often felt throughout the entire community, it is the family that is hit the hardest. They are the ones that are typically the most grief-stricken, and who must carry the burden of this loss. They are also the ones that must deal with the financial burdens, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses and any lost wages that the deceased were relied on to contribute. For this reason, a wrongful death lawsuit usually must be brought to ensure that the family is properly compensated for their loss. Often times that suit is made easier if there are already criminal charges because if the perpetrator is found guilty in a criminal suit, then that can be used in a civil suit as well. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an incredibly difficult process for anyone to have live with. Seeking out help is often the best step to take to try to ease that burden. Source: The Saratogian, “Driver pleads not guilty in triple-fatal New York City hit-and-run,” Tom Hays, March 21, 2013.