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Free transportation can be provided.
Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC

Distracted drivers are a risk to first responders at crash scenes

We all put our lives at risk when we drive on the roads in and around New York City. However, the people who respond when things go wrong and a crash occurs are at particular risk of being stuck and seriously -- maybe fatally -- injured.

Tips for helping your teen learn to drive

Is part of your summer going to be spent in the front passenger seat of your car as your teen practices driving before their road test to get their driver's license? If so, you may realize when comparing your own driving practices to what your teen is learning in driver's ed that you've slipped into some unsafe driving habits over the years. At the very least, you've probably stopped taking some of the safety precautions you were taught when learning to drive.

Report can't rule out a thermos as cause for a deadly bus crash

Back on Sept. 18, 2017, three New York City residents were killed in an early-morning bus crash. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was asked to step in and investigate what may have led to the accident. Just a few days ago, on Feb. 21, they issued their much-awaited report regarding detailing what they believe happened.

28-year-old woman fatally struck by bus in lower Manhattan

A 28-year-old female pedestrian was struck and killed by a tour bus in lower Manhattan while out walking among the multitude of court and government buildings that line both Lafayette and Centre streets on Dec. 20.

Accountability matters after a catastrophic car crash

Car accidents are difficult for everyone involved. Most people will have at least some soreness after the crash, but some will suffer from a catastrophic injury that requires extensive treatment. All of these physical impacts can be serious, but the emotional damage that is done might also be hard to cope with.

Injuries vary greatly in car crashes so be prepared

Car crashes can cause serious problems with the human body. The injuries that you suffer in an accident can range from scrapes up to fatal ones. There is no way to predict exactly what injuries you will suffer in the accident, so learning about the possibilities might help you evaluate yourself for potential problems.

The cost of a car crash you didn't cause isn't yours to cover

Car crashes can lead to serious accidents. We know that you didn't leave home this morning with the hope of landing in the hospital. The shock of the accident might be more than you can handle. Unfortunately, there probably isn't a way to just ignore the fact that you were injured. We are here to help you address the financial aftermath of the crash.

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