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Each year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases its Most Wanted List, which details 10 of the most pressing transportation safety concerns across the country. This year, the 2015 NTSB list featured some safety concerns that the general public may not think about very often, as well as several issues many of us see on a frequent if not daily basis. The 2015 NTSB Most Wanted List included:

  • Distractions for Vehicle/Transportation Operators
  • Substance Impairment
  • Positive Train Control
  • Mass Transit Safety
  • Loss of Control in General Aviation
  • Physical/Medical Fitness for Operators
  • Commercial Trucking Safety
  • Procedural Compliance

Among these transportation safety concerns are a few issues that deeply affect New Yorkers. Below we discuss some of these in more detail.

  • Mass Transit – Mass transit is one of the most distinguishing aspects of life in New York City, and millions of people use transit systems every day, whether it be train, subway, bus, or ferry. When mass transit accidents happen, there is also greater risk for numerous and serious injuries. To improve safety on mass transit systems, the NTSB has called for improvements to equipment and operating environments, as well as improvements to oversight of companies, operators, and vehicles.
  • Distraction ­- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has called distraction a national epidemic on our roadways and a leading cause of car and truck accidents. With the advancement of cell phones and electronic devices, distraction has become a prevalent and widespread risk – and it causes thousands of preventable accidents every year. The NTSB has proposed that states pass tougher distracted driving laws and that regulators take measures to ensure transportation operators also refrain from distractions.
  • Substance Impairment – Drivers and transportation operators under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a danger to themselves and everyone around them. Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured and killed by impaired drivers, and these types of accidents are entirely preventable. Impaired driving has long been a top transportation safety concern, and NTSB officials want states and transportation agencies to pass tougher laws and regulations.

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