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Compensation for Electric Shock Victims

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC, our New York City personal injury attorneys know how serious electrical burn and electric shock injuries can be. These are serious injuries that often require extensive medical care and may result in irreparable damage to the skin, heart, brain or other internal organs. If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury, or you have lost someone you care about due to wrongful death involving electrocution, our lawyers are ready to help you get justice.

Defective Products and Electrical Injuries

Sometimes the cause of an electrical injury is obvious. Sometimes it requires a thorough investigation. In many cases, our investigation reveals that the electrical accident was the result of a defective product. We may find that a manufacturer failed to take proper steps to protect wires. We may find that a manufacturer simply failed to provide proper warnings and instructions to prevent users from suffering this type of injury. We will hold manufacturers accountable for hazardous products placed in the hands of consumers.

Workplace Accidents and Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries occur often as a result of workplace accidents, including construction accidents. In these cases, victims often assume that workers’ compensation is their only recourse. That may not be the case. Compensation may be maximized through what is referred to as a third-party liability claim. We will analyze all opportunities to get you the most possible compensation after a work site electrical injury.

Premises Liability and Electrical Injuries

A visitor to a convention center puts his hand on a metal pole and suffers serious electrical injuries because a loose wire electrified the pole. A metal cart brushes up against wires that should have been tucked away and the person pushing the cart suffers electrical burns. These are often premises liability cases. We will hold property owners accountable for failing to keep visitors safe from harm.