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It is likely that residents of New York City have heard the recent tragic news of the couple that was killed in a car accident while in a cab on the way to the hospital. The woman, who was pregnant, was not feeling well so she and her husband decided to call a cab and go into the hospital to make sure everything was coming along as expected with her pregnancy. Unfortunately, while at an intersection, the cab was struck by a BMW. The driver of the BMW fled the scene of the accident and, unfortunately, both the man and his wife died. The accident threw the woman from the vehicle and under a nearby-parked truck. The man, in contrast, was pinned in the vehicle and had to be extracted after the roof was cut off. The baby was delivered and was at first in serious condition. However, now the baby too has died as a result of “extreme prematurity due to maternal blunt force injuries.” Situations such as this one may seem hopeless but New York City wrongful death lawyers can help the loved ones of the deceased in incidents like this receive the compensation to which they are entitled. The citizens of the community in which the couple lived are begging for the driver to be charged with a triple homicide. However, that is just the criminal side of the charges. On the civil side of the case, it is possible that the loved ones of the couple and their baby could file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the BMW. After the occurrence of a fatal car accident, it is important to determine whether one or more involved parties’ negligence caused the accident and, if so, which party lacked the reasonable level of care. Once that is determined, those that were injured may be able to recover compensation from that negligent party. This compensation can cover the costs associated with the death as well as, in some situations, the income that loved one would have provided during their life. No amount of money can bring back a loved one after a fatal accident. However, compensatory damages through a wrongful death lawsuit can help the family to relieve some of the financial obligations therefore freeing up more time and resources for them to focus on healing emotionally. Source: Claims Journal, “Baby Born After Parents Killed in New York City Crash Dies,” March 5, 2013