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For any New York City resident who has had to undergo a surgery, the experience of just having to go under is harrowing enough. However, one recent story of what a woman suffered is likely enough to put even a New York City medical malpractice lawyer on edge. The resident stated that she went in for surgery on her right shoulder in 2005 but then the pain never subsided. She was prescribed medication and physical therapy and then finally, another surgery by a doctor who she worked with, someone she had known for more than eight years and had been friendly with. That same doctor recommended a second surgery in 2009. However, she went for a second opinion on the surgery after the pain got worse and then she got a third opinion. The third doctor finally explained why the pain was so intense- not because of surgical mistakes or surgical negligence, but because there was no operation in the first place. He discovered this because allegedly, a bone had been trimmed by two centimeters but no bone had been removed. The doctor stated he’d already seen at least 12 former patients of the doctor who was supposed to perform a surgery but failed to do so. The specific doctor currently has over 260 civil lawsuits against him and a criminal investigation. Though faked surgeries are extremely rare, they also can be difficult to spot. However, if it is found that a surgery was faked a suit may need to be brought quickly against the doctor. The reason is, the statute of limitations may have already been running for the injury, particularly if that injury had already been re-examined since the alleged surgery. As such, it is often necessary to seek an opinion on it as quickly as possible. That way, the doctor who performed the alleged surgery can be held responsible.

Oftentimes recovering from such a breach of confidence can be difficult to overcome. However, with the proper help, the recovery process can be started.