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As frequent followers to this blog may know, a crane recently fell in New York City near the East River waterfront, and it injured seven construction workers. At the time, it was unknown who or what was responsible for the unfortunate event, but now it is believed the reason is known and that reason is enough to make New York City construction accident attorneys shudder. At the time of the crane accident, the operator was attempting to lift almost 24,000 pounds, more than twice the crane’s capacity when the crane broke and caused the injuries. Though none of the injuries are now life threatening, they were still serious. Apparently, the operator could not see what was being lifted at the time and was moving materials outside of the approved zone. The construction was supposed to be completed in 2014 however the site has since been shut down and it is unknown how long it will stay closed. For those who are injured by construction accidents, the recovery process is often difficult, not just for the worker but for his family as well. This is because it is not only a physical hardship the worker must now endure, but additionally a financial one since the income recovered when on disability leave is often much less than when he was working at full capacity Furthermore, one often faces an uphill battle to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Once the initial injuries are addressed, it is best to seek out help to obtain the benefits as soon as possible. Trying to fight the insurance company without help is often incredibly difficult and can result in claims being delayed or lost entirely. Recovering physically from a construction accident is difficult to start. Having to fight a second battle to get benefits that are deserved is adding insult to injury, but our personal injury attorneys at Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC are here to help.