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A case involving a high-profile Park Avenue Podiatrist is garnering media attention and considerable local scrutiny for what many in the medical and legal communities believe are outrageous charges. The case – which is profiled in a recent New York Post ­article – involves a questionable bill for two simple foot procedures. Jaroslawicz & Jaros is representing the woman who underwent the procedure and her husband in this matter. A Questionable Bill The podiatrist – Suzanne Levine – is a well-known specialist who caters to celebrity patients and has been featured on a number of television shows, including Dr. Oz. She has gained notoriety for offering procedures such as foot facelifts, Botox injections to smooth out imperfections in the feet, and Juvéderm injections to cushion pads of the feet when wearing high heels. Although there are no laws regulating prices for podiatrist procedures in New York, the prices Levine’s office billed this particular patient were concerning. Levine performed two procedures to straighten two of the patient’s toes. Both procedures were performed in-office and took less than 30 minutes each. Other Podiatrists in the area, including the Upper East Side, charge less than $3,000 for such a procedure. Levine’s office, however, charged nearly $200,000. Although the patient was assured that the procedures would be covered by her insurance, Levine’s office billed the patient $6,000 and then attempted to recover more from her insurance provider, United Healthcare. The patient’ insurance company agreed to pay $170,940 and an additional $4,158 in interest – more than the cost for major heart surgery. Levine’s office attempted several times to recover the insurance check that was mailed to the patient and her husband for endorsement. Skeptical and concerned by the monstrous charge, the patient’s husband asked for a statement, which revealed two “surgical operating room charges” at $86,450 apiece. Protecting Clients’ Rights When contacted by the New York Post, Levine’s office claimed that the check had been issued in error, that a corrected claim had been submitted, and that Levine herself was not aware of the mistake or her office manager’s attempts to obtain the check. United Healthcare has launched an investigation into the questionable charges and has suspended payment while the investigation in pending. The patient and her husband intend to hold onto the uncashed check until a resolution is reached. Although the billing issue is still being investigated, many believe that the egregious charges are a case of professional malpractice and potential insurance fraud. At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, our legal team is passionate about protecting the rights and interests of our clients, as well as recovering their losses. You can read more about this case on this New York Post article.