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New York City is filled with pedestrians and bicyclists. Residents rely upon alternate means of transportation simply because it makes getting around that much easier when traffic is backed up. Even though the city has made improvements to pedestrian and cyclist safety, many of these people know that they need to remain alert to avoid potential bicycle or pedestrian accidents. Those pedestrians or cyclists involved in collisions with motor vehicles will often be the ones absorbing the full impact of the crash, leading to serious injuries. A recent study by the University of Michigan examined pedestrian accidents in New York City and Los Angeles. The study found that over half of all fatal crashes within New York City involved a cyclist or pedestrian, which was significantly higher than the number of fatal crashes outstate. While officials have tried to reduce the number of these accidents that are occurring, serious problems still remain. Many intersections were not designed for heavy pedestrian or bicycle traffic, and may place these individuals at risk. Pedestrians and cyclists in the city can follow some basic tips to stay safe. Cross only in designated crossing areas, as drivers may not expect to see people in unmarked locations. If at an intersection, try to make eye contact with the cars around so that these motorists are aware that you are about to cross. Cyclists should pay special attention to the vehicles around them, even when in dedicated bike lanes. Often, motorists will open doors or make turns that require a cyclist to make a sudden move to avoid an accident. Do not ride on sidewalks, as collisions with pedestrians can result in serious injuries to both parties. Always wear a helmet. Even the safest individuals can find themselves in an accident. In an accident happens, you may feel like you are the one who is being blamed, even though it was the motorist’s fault. If you have been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney in New York City about your potential case. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries for the victim, and it can take some time before getting back to normal. Even after the injuries heal, extensive rehabilitation may be required. All of these expenses can quickly add up. If you have been away from work while you recover, this can make it extremely difficult to make ends meet. If another person caused your injuries, you may be eligible for compensation. This can include not only medical expenses that you have that are connected to the accident, but also for property damages and missed wages.